JOST Warranty

A claim must be filed within 60 days of the products failure.

Claims can be filed directly with JOST or through any authorized sales or service outlet.

Fifth Wheel Warranty Statements


JSK36 Series

JSK37 Series

JSK37Y Series

JSK38 Series


Standard Repair Times

Landing Gear Warranty Statements


A400 & A401 Series

A420 & A421 Series

A440 & A441 Series

A450 & A451 Series

L300 & L301 Series

UL500 & UL501 Series

UL550 & UL501 Series

AX100 & AX101 Series


Standard Repair Times

Other Warranty Statements


For all other products please contact JOST to obtain the warranty statements.

Warranty Claim Form

Claim Form Instructions


Please e-mail the excel version of the claim form to

If e-mail is not available for you, please call 800-253-5105


Parts must be retained. JOST may require the parts returned for inspection.


DO NOT return parts without a JOST RGA and prior authorization.




If you have any questions please call cusotmer service at 800-253-5105 or contact your JOST Regional Manager.

To find your Regional Manager, please click here.


JOST Warranty F.A.Q.