Fifth Wheel Features & Benefits

JOST’s fifth wheels are the simplest and safest design in the market . . . with only four moving parts. The positive coupling design ensures a true connection. Upon contact, the spring loaded steel locking bar automatically slides into position securing the kingpin.

The forged steel locking bar is supported on both sides of the coupling to ensure even load distribution and increase surface contact to reduce wear. The rubber bracket bushings and composite collars reduce shock loadings and vibration, minimizing torsional stress between tractor and trailer. They offer greater safety and stability, on any road.

JOST’s simple mechanism allows infinite adjustments versus competitors’ notched adjustments. Wear adjustment is easily maintained with a single adjustment screw.

The exclusive JOST composite cushion ring absorbs kingpin impacts, reducing king pin and lock wear. It can easily be changed, virtually eliminating the replacement of a more expensive fifth wheel topplate. The JOST fifth wheel has a low 60 pound pull force handle, the lowest in the market, making operation easier for drivers.

JOST offers a five-year warranty on all of our durrable cast ductile iron topplates.

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