Powder Coating

Powder Coating
Powder coating to the highest quality standards.

Powder coating, in conjunction with an advanced 10 stage (incl. pickle and zinc phosphate) pretreatment process offers optimum surface sealing and therefore first-rate corrosion protection.

Coating Service:

JOST has one of the most modern powder coating facilities and is thus also in a position to finish your products in its coating service center. Our facility is TS16949/ISO14001/ISO9001 certified and we passed the stringent GMW 14872 cyclic corrosion test standard.

The powder coating and pretreatment facility is suitable for manufacturers and clients from the automotive, commercial vehicle, agricultural, forestry and construction vehicles industry, as well as their suppliers.

It is also ideal for manufacturers of mass-produced cast and sheet metal components (due to our descaling capabilities for laser processed parts too):

Batch Size: Small and industrial scale
Weight of Individual Components: Between 1lb and max. 600lbs.
Dimensions: Up to 6′ by 4′ by 2′ (L x H x W)
Layer Thickness: Between 2.4 – 3.5 mil

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